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Kaiser Permanente Grant

"Thank you for your generosity. The grant went to the support of our community and its families dealing with the pandemic hardship. We appreciated the opportunity to assist the vulnerable..."

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 Inland Empire Community Foundation Support

"Our community is now virtual.  We appreciate the support of the funds that helped our organization adjust and thrive in a challenging environment.  We are stronger because of your vision".


"Self-esteem and social perceptions are additional factors that impact youth's understanding of money and how those resources are handled. It is always convenient though, to blame the forces outside. But what happens when we are able to get our kids to internalize and control their lives; lives considered out of control with constant movement and upheaval? We emphasize character and reputation.  It is the central conversation that surrounds credit, housing, banking, savings, income, expenses & budgets."

CJ / FIT Instructor / Coach

“The FIT Academy helped me immensely in my time of need. I recently got my own apartment and they paid my security deposit and first month rent. I am forever grateful.”

Former FIT Student

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