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Thank you! KP

Emergency financial stabilization became more urgent in the past year due to the pandemic! This is how Kaiser Permanente helped...

AXIS Foundation, Inc. qualified for a grant in 2019. With the objective of serving families in the Riverside, Moreno Valley community, they provided $10,000 of funds to assist with emergency needs of families.

With the unexpected pandemic, the needs of families in our community changed, and with the flexibility provided, our agency was able to adjust and provide funds to not only support the initiative as written, but to expanding our services... not only in the area of utility assistance but also:

- assisting worthy students

- providing rental assistance, and

- supporting an area food bank

To learn more about the initiative and the grant, please feel free to connect with us as we can provide more details. In the meantime, we want everyone to know of the importance that this grant provided in a community that needed help through a crisis.

With Gratitude... thank you Kaiser Permanente.

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