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LEXIA - Learning to Read Opens Up New Opportunities

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

If your child cannot learn to read by 3rd grade, your child will not be able to read to learn after 3rd grade.

Can you imagine the feeling of not being able to read at grade level? They say if your child cannot learn to read by 3rd grade, your child will not be able to read to learn after 3rd grade. So why is this program so valuable? Just ask the parents, who tell us that it has been a valuable addition to the programming at the Family Resource Center in Perris.

Please consider providing funds that can support additional virtual seats for children to gain access to this amazing resource.

The program needs to expand... and requires funding to gain access to additional virtual seats. Our wait list is approximately 25 deep, and we are looking for ways to create additional resources for the young people that attend each week.

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IMPORTANT for ESL Students The majority of our students come to us that have the Spanish language spoken at home. We also have students that are home-schooled, and as well, others that have reading challenges include issues with dyslexia, or just not reading to grade level. AXIS Foundation, Inc. is very appreciative of the grant support from United Way of the Inland Valleys. Their funding provides a wonderful opportunity to reach families, especially those that are seeking assistance in better understanding and reading to grade level. There are many children that need assistance. Please consider a donation that provides for an additional seat. We are seeing students that are not only improving in reading, but in other school work, to include math and science. Reading Matters!

SOME Interesting Statistics... Recently,

  • 75% were reading at or above grade level

  • 16 total students participating weekly

This lab works with CORE5 programming that supports an easy way for young people to learn and interact in a positive way while learning the mechanics to read at grade level. One student had a problem working through the vowels and the differences in sounds as it applied to Spanish and English. She is gaining ground and quickly becoming more confident in her skills inside and outside the classroom.

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