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Building Self Esteem

Financial Resilience takes more than financial knowledge! What it takes?

An individual also needs a sense of self-assuredness or 'self-belief' in their capabilities. Some character traits include:

  • Self Discipline

  • Having a good 'self-esteem'

  • Having a good sense of 'self-respect'

  • Which will lead to a sense of 'confidence' or 'efficacy'

A 2013 Survey of Australian women, "financial self-efficacy emerges as one of the strongest predictors of the type and number of financial products that a woman holds". Specifically, that women with higher financial self-efficacy or self-assuredness in their financial management capacities - "are more likely to hold investment and savings products, and less likely to hold debt-related products".

To be financially resilient, an individual also needs a sense of self-assuredness, or 'self-belief' in their capabilities. (Read the Sylvia Bloom story)

Your wealth is not based on what you make... your wealth is based on your confidence in budgeting, saving and investing.

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