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It is amazing to see young people develop and develop the confidence to do positive things in their community.

The educator teaching style was reported to be the key element to this successful program, when working with this specific population of young adults. First and foremost, the approach was not a LECTURE style learning environment. FIT ACADEMY was never a lecture; it was a conversation that started on the first day, with the young adult at the center of the dialogue. The emphasis was placed on personal CHARACTER at all times. “What is CHARACTER?” The question resounded daily, in every classroom, throughout the program.

“CHARACTER is what you do when no one is looking. It defines who you are as a person, and will determine whether or not you can be trusted to make wise decisions for your life, including how you well you handle your finances.” The result was extraordinary; every young adult seemingly resonated with this statement, and with this reasoning. This emphasis on personal character presented a moral obligation for each student to take a personal responsibility for his or her own decisions.  With personal character at the center of the conversation, students remained engaged, participatory, and enthusiastic about the endless possibilities awaiting independence and financial self-sufficiency. We truly believe that a CHARACTER centered approach tied to a conversation-driven teaching style, is the key to engagement, and the product that encouraged youth to save nearly $53,000 during the 2 year pilot program.

Long term sustained emphasis on character and reputation

“What I found key to learning was a conscious effort to converse about the reality of how the media has an impact on self-esteem, and how the use of the internet & TV provides ‘access points’ to the lives of our foster youth.  Self-esteem and social perceptions are additional factors that impact a young persons’ understanding of money and how those resources are handled. It is always convenient though, to blame the forces outside. But what happens when we are able to get our kids to internalize and control their lives; lives considered out of control with constant movement and upheaval? We emphasize character and reputation.  It is the central conversation that surrounds credit, housing, banking, savings, income, expenses & budgets.  If we have a conversation that supports positive development, and truly connects via honest dialogue (buy in), we can begin to develop programming that creates a positive change within a population that once held a negative perception of the outside world.”

AXIS Foundation, Inc.

# Of Youth Who Saved for 6 Months: A total of 42 youth saved for the entire 6 month period, contributing $9,599.25 the first year, and $43,252 the second year. The total of savings for the two year reporting period was captured through case management notes, deposit records, and survey monkey data, for a grand total of $52,851.25.

The FIT Academy pilot program was created to address the financial barriers and distress that plague current and former foster youth transitioning into life on their own, for the very first time. The Foster Youth Financial Action Collaborative (FYFA) of United Way of the Inland Valleys has long recognized the need for increased financial literacy training of the 18-24 year old population, to help make the transition into adult life a bit easier. With FINRA funding we were able to address this need by launching a total of 6 Financial Independence Training Series (FIT ACADEMY) over the two year pilot program.


The elephant in the room... no support... except the individuals that motivated through the giving of time, resource and support.


Jessica (not her real name) was able to use the information learned through FIT and change behavior (Character) that resulted in her saving over $10,000 for the down-payment of her first car.


So, with advice and self-confidence, she was able to get financed for the car, and is now driving places and doing things that wasn't previously possible.  We are really proud of her accomplishments, and look forward to her ongoing success as she completes her training / education in school.


Thank you Jessica...


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