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Watch the plant grow
AXIS Foundation, Inc.
AXIS Foundation, Inc.

Welcome to our new Online Giving Forms!

Welcome to the NEW Axis Foundation, Inc. Online Giving Form!


As a donation tool - Giving online is one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to give.  it wastes no paper or postage, does not require the services of a live operator and can be done at the convenience of you... the donor.  This means that a higher percentage of the donation can be used for the work, of which we accomplish through your help.


I encourage you to give online by using the links below:



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Your giving provides support for young people in the area of finance and budgeting awareness as well as for services necessary for music in preparation for their futures. It provides the necessities that assist our young people in transitioning to functioning, self-sufficient adults.


AXIS Foundation, Inc. is a qualified 501(c) 3 organization - as approved by the IRS. 


If you would additionally like to be added to our mailing list, please go to our 'contacts' page and send us your request.


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