Violin being played - Music Matters
Violin being played - Music Matters
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Why We Teach Music
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Grand Piano - Music Matters music matters!

Why music? Because it will engage the youth, and support fewer absences, better grades, higher rates of homework completion, increased rates of parental involvement and enhanced problem solving and conflict management skills.  A growing body of evidence provides proof that after-school programming not only helps with in-school success; it also contributes to work ready skills, critical thinking, healthy decision-making and more.

I can tell you that the program has done some amazing things… music just does that!  We are currently working at capacity, and are working with a “wait” list.  I suggest that this program can be implemented in several locations, as others have already requested information on how to get started.  Both sites provided two sessions per week. At the Perris Spanish SDA Church location, there were a total of 7 classes held over 2 days (Monday and Wednesday). The classes ranged from Introductory Toddler to Adult Advanced classes. At the Eagles Wings Community Outreach Center, Inc. one session was elementary aged students, the other senior adults. The adults fulfilled dreams and satisfied a desire for music theory knowledge. A guardian of 2 students stated…

…”that she has seen a remarkable change in her niece and nephew. The nephew who is diagnosed as ADHD has more control and focus. The niece, who was overshadowed by the needs of an autistic twin brother and her ADHD younger brother, has found her confidence and voice. She loves music and is now confident that she is talented and will succeed. These two look forward to continuing the lessons.”

 Potential Results

  • Music literacy provides the perfect venue, because it not only stimulates the brain, it also:
  • Exercises parts of the brain useful in math, spatial intelligence and other intellectual pursuits[i]
  • Establishes the “Mozart Effect” (discussed in proposal)
  • Helps with hand/eye coordination
  • Changes a young person's outlook on education, learning and their own performance
[i] E.J. Mundell, Music Education Online, Sorry, Kids, Piano Lessons Make You Smarter, Healthy Day News, ScoutNews LLC. 2004

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Our Objectives:

  • Improve School Attendance - decrease truancy
  • Improve Grades
  • Improve Graduation Rates
  • Improve Test Scores...
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