What are your goals?
What are your goals?
AXIS Foundation, Inc.
AXIS Foundation, Inc.

What We Do...

Violin Picture - Music Matters music matters!

Piano/Organ Program Launch
Piano is going well with approximately 40 students actively participating in afterschool music programs.  The Program is being supported by the Rodgers Piano Corporation and the Community Foundation via the Irene S. Rockwell Fund.

Piggy Bank - Saving & Money critical thinking

Our Project 
As part of the "Step-Up" project, "Take it to the Bank" supports urban youth and family households with Financial Literacy classes via Satellite TV. The "Step-Up" project provides youth with online technology access and computer assisted learning for financial literacy, entrepreneurial training, educational enrichment, life skills training, and job search assistance.

Our template approach has always been to provide youth and young alike with access to music, and we are using the organ program to achieve our objectives.  Through your gracious and supportive “grant” of free use for a year, we have been able to deliver… not only the lessons to 55+ students at two sites, but also to see improvements in youth behavior and scholastic achievement.

“Not only are these classes helping her middle child but also her eldest child who was diagnosed with Autism and had serious anger management issues.  He was very aggressive, uncontrollable and she was concerned about his behavior. After four and a half months, she began to see major changes in her eldest son’s deportment. He is more tranquil, he finishes what he starts, and he is more focused and has a calming disposition. His character and attitude has completely changed.”

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Our Objectives:

  • Improve School Attendance - decrease truancy
  • Improve Grades
  • Improve Graduation Rates
  • Improve Test Scores...
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