AXIS Foundation, Inc.
AXIS Foundation, Inc.

Our Mission

Our Key Market: 'At-Risk' youth age 14-24

Our drive: We want to unlock potential - to build and sustain healthy communities


The mission of AXIS Foundation, Inc. is to unlock the potential of at-risk young people of southern California in order to build and sustain healthy communities.

Our Vision

The AXIS Foundation, Inc. vision is to see young people of all cultures come together unified and empowered by sharing the belief that they can create and shape how they live and grow within their own communities.

Target Population

AXIS Foundation currently works with the target population through a varietyof contractual agreements and area agencies. We intend to continue targeting & reaching those in at-risk situations, focusing on the foster-care youth in the Riverside County area.


Our target foster care customers will continue to be the youth 14 years and older. According to the AFCARS 2012 (based on 2011 data) of the 104,000 in foster care awaiting adoption, 17,930 were children between 14-17. We intend to target the 17-20% ages 14-18 years of age as we continue the success as delivered through the United Way - Inland Valley "SHADES" program.

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Our Objectives:

  • Improve School Attendance - decrease truancy
  • Improve Grades
  • Improve Graduation Rates
  • Improve Test Scores...
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