Life Skills Training
Life Skills Training
AXIS Foundation, Inc.
AXIS Foundation, Inc.

About us...

AXIS Foundation, Inc. is working in the Riverside and Los Angeles Communities supporting a variety of agencies as a contractor/consultant in service delivery of financial literacy, music literacy and life skills products to serveral at-risk populations to include; foster care youth, low income families, teenage youth, pre-teens and ex-gang members.

The programs are called the "after-school literacy" & the "critical think" on money projects that are considered an innovative approach to helping individuals living in or near poverty, and in many situations, on public assistance. We want them to see money, music and life skills as tools, and in so doing make progress to improving their livelihood economically and socially.

The programs success is through the collaborative of several agencies that support the elements for success  It includes:

  • Exciting, real-world examples supporting the argument that success doesn't just happen... it is a deliberate plan.  Financial success, education, asset building, and freedom come from a goal setting curriculum.
  • "Packaging" supports the elements around each customer. It can be overwhelming for anyone to navigate the many public assistance programs available to a foster-care young person.  Support is critial for each person to have the opportunity of reaching his or her personal, & financial goals. (Agency Specific Support)


Mr. Thomas was awarded the “Business Advocate of the Year” award through the San Diego Business Development Council. To support the receipt of this award he was involved in a middle school project directed towards educating youth on life skills issues and about the relevance of education. He was also a part of developing the first annual literacy festival for youth in Southeastern San Diego, of which he was recognized by the City Council office.

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